Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awaiting Spring.

I can't wait for this winter to leave. Although this winter has been the best winter so far, I am ready for Spring and colors to brighten up everyone's faces and moods. It's days like today when its not so windy and not cold I like to dress up pretty on little heels. The weather was awesome today and  so I took  advantage of sunny and bright day with a pop of bright color in my outfit. I love this black maxi dress I am wearing. It is so simple yet so sleek, to give a little style I threw on my animal print cardigan and a bright color scarf. Put a thin black belt to give shape on the waist as the maxi is straight and loose and wedge heels from H&M looks perfect and fits perfect to the length of the dress. 
Scarf( Filene's basement) Dress( F21) cardigan, belt and heels( H&M)

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get your TRENCH on :P

Don't you love Trench Coats? oh I love my trench coat so much. If i could I would wear it almost everyday. I love how fabulous it looks. It was such a rainy and gloomy day today, but not that cold though. I have never loved winter here in Ohio like I have this year. :) Dressing up is so much fun when its not too cold. So I wore this trench today cause it was a perfect weather. Trench can be worn all year round, with your night out cocktail dresses, with your skinnies with your maxi skirts too. I really dont think it has to be raining outside for your trench coat to be taken out from the corner of your closet. As I was looking for what to wear today, I saw this trench staring at me ( with a frown saying please take me out :P). It is one of the basic  that every girl should own, I mean look how chic it looks just with minimal accessories and a black stocking :P

The skirt and trench I am wearing are from F21, Stocking and boots from Macy's (Style &Co.) Puffy shouldered sweater from H&M . I decided to go with less accessories today so just my fav. watch and few bracelets I love ( i never leave my home with). 

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rocker chic

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hues of pink

Bright colors always put me in a good mood. There is something so really pretty about the color pink. I have fallen in love with the hues of pink lately. Honestly I used to  own very few pink colored outfits in my closet. But ever since i invented the romantic and a pretty touch that pink color brings i have started hunting for more and more pinks. So, the first picture I am wearing a very light pink sweater ( unknown brand) with a lightest shade of pink scarf. The grey slacks i am wearing was picked at Filene's in a sale price. The combination of the pink sweater grey slacks( semi formal) and my fav. nude pinks from Bakers  gives you a girly and a sophisticated look. You could even pair the slacks with a colorful button up shirt neatly tucked in. :)
The plaid skirt I am wearing is from F21 and the pink sweater with a big orange heart in it was purchased at delia's. I paired that outfit with Nine West flats which gave a comfy and a cute look.  
As spring is almost around the corner its a perfect time to update your  closet with pretty bright girly colors. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Blue out

This winter has been the best winter in Ohio. It was so bright and sunny out today I had to take my bright sunny yellow pumps for a ride :) I am wearing a basic full sleeve long Tee from H&M and betsey Johnson tights here. To glam it up I attempted on adding colors. Blue has been one of my recent favorites and the yellow pump I am wearing here is my favorite pointed pump. Charlotte Russee denim shirt H&M belt.
It is always fun to add colors to your outfit and since Spring is almost around the corner i couldnt wait to play with colors in my outfit. 
Hope you all have a great and colorful weekend.:)

P.S : esp thanks to my lovely sister for her taking these pics 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

keeping it simple :)

I've had this blazer for two  years now and i cant believe how versatile this blazer is. It could probably be because of the color combination black and grey! I wear it with almost everything, be it a dress pant, denim, shorts, skirt or a mini cocktail dress. I snagged this blazer at H&M for a pretty decent price and it still looks the same as it was when i bought it. :) The white tank top I am wearing is from H&M too. Blue wedge heels from Charlotte Russee. I am amazed by the quality. Since I bought it in pretty reasonable price I was not expecting it to be that comfy. But to my surprise it turned out to be pretty comfy.
This is one of my out and about look. Like shopping or catching up with your besties for dinner. One of the simple yet chic look that you can wear almost anywhere.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

denim on denim???

This new post 
  pretty much sums up my street style, mixture of casual + comfortable+ chic. My latest obsession Faux Leather Jacket from H&M is such a STEAL. I am in love with this jacket. I can pair it up with a little black cocktail dress and i can only stare and smile how chic it looks. It goes very well with the rugged denim if you want an edgy look. Its pretty much about creating your own look. There are no rules when it comes to fashion. Its more like breaking the fashion rules and creating your own.
There's  still a debate on pairing denim with denim. But I say why not? I would go  with different shades like I have in the pictures above. Layering is always fun. It gives a little pinch of style to your simple outfit. Here I have a white tank top from H&M and i topped it off with green cotton button ups and a denim shirt. And to give an edginess to the look I am wearing I threw on the faux leather Jacket. The Rampage Wedge Boots looks perfect with the Dark blue skinnies I have . Some Accessories wont hurt. You will be surprised how accessories adds up style to your outfit.

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Neutral LOVE

very first creation

V back dress

Miss Selfridge lace shoes
$80 -

Miss Selfridge green handbag
$38 -

Gucci jewelry
$1,050 -

Kate Spade facets jewelry
$105 -

Oversized jewelry
$30 -

GALA Curios gold jewelry
550 AUD -

Oasis snake belt
$29 -

River Island bracelet
$18 -