Monday, February 13, 2012

denim on denim???

This new post 
  pretty much sums up my street style, mixture of casual + comfortable+ chic. My latest obsession Faux Leather Jacket from H&M is such a STEAL. I am in love with this jacket. I can pair it up with a little black cocktail dress and i can only stare and smile how chic it looks. It goes very well with the rugged denim if you want an edgy look. Its pretty much about creating your own look. There are no rules when it comes to fashion. Its more like breaking the fashion rules and creating your own.
There's  still a debate on pairing denim with denim. But I say why not? I would go  with different shades like I have in the pictures above. Layering is always fun. It gives a little pinch of style to your simple outfit. Here I have a white tank top from H&M and i topped it off with green cotton button ups and a denim shirt. And to give an edginess to the look I am wearing I threw on the faux leather Jacket. The Rampage Wedge Boots looks perfect with the Dark blue skinnies I have . Some Accessories wont hurt. You will be surprised how accessories adds up style to your outfit.

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