Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hi everyone. So I am finally back with a brand new post after a long time. The pictures I have posted in this blog are the pictures from my instagram ( <--click here to follow me on IG). Since there are a lot of Ootd pics I decided to combine them all together and make one single post. And also i had only one pic of each outfit. So these outfits are from summer 2013 when the weather was kind enough for me to be daring shorts and mini skirts. Next post I will put the recent IG ( instagram) Pictures. Hope you all are doing great wherever you are.

<3 <3 <3

Plaid and vans kinda summer day ( Old and forgotten pics)

Talk about an ideal outfit for a hot summer day. Yes a pair of shorts with vans totally makes it comfortable to stroll around. These pics were taken back in mid summer and I just found these in a corner of my desktop. Thought i would share with you guys. Feels really good to be back after a couple months of break. I promise this will be the last update of my old forgotten pics. Going forward I will be posting more on weather appropriate current OOTDs.  Hope everyone is having  an awesome day.

                                                                   <3 <3 <3
                                                  V neck: Target
                                                  Sneakers: Vans

old and forgotten

Trying to blog after a long long time and just while I was about to make a post on my instagram OOTD pics, I found these pics on my computer which I never uploaded. Next few posts are going to be old pictures which were taken back in summer 2013. Please bear with me and my never uploaded old pics ;)

                                                                  <3 <3 <3

                                                    Top: Marshall's ( sale rack)
                                                    Bottom: Forever 21
                                                    Clutch: Nine West
                                                    Shoes: H&M