Thursday, May 8, 2014

Light and Bright

These pictures posted above are taken from iPhone so the clarity is not very good. I still decided to upload them and make a post. I apologize for the picture quality. Since the pictures were taken from the phone they did not come out that good and also there were very few I could pick from.

Its been too hot last couple of days here. So whats better than wearing something loose and light when its 80 degrees outside. Since I have two outfits mixed in this post the details will be down below as outfit #1 and outfit #2. Hope you all are enjoying the sunny and bright day.

                                                            <3 <3 <3

                                        Top (outfit #1): Pac Sun
                                        Skirt ( outfit #2): Forever21
                                        Shoes (outfit #1): Charlotte Russe
                                        Handbag (outfit #1): Coach
                                        Sunglass ( outfit #1): Ralph Lauren 

                                       Top/shoes ( outfit #2): Zara
                                       Blazer/shorts ( outfit #2): H&M
                                       Crossbody Bag (outfit#2): Michael Kors Selma
                                       Sunglass ( outfit #2): Ralph Lauren