Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mustard and Floral ( old and forgotten pics)

 Yes It is totally normal to take pictures in restroom ;) ;).  These pictures were taken by phone and the clarity is pretty awesome. an outfit i wore to movie ( i think). I really do apologize for posting series of forgotten pics, i just felt like sharing it with you guys.

If you guys have read my previous posts, I am pretty sure you all are aware of my love with Floral prints be it pant or dress or tops. I would wear floral all year round. Hope you all are doing good at your end.

                                                       <3 <3 <3

                                             Top/ Wedge : H&M
                                              Floral Skinnies: Wet Seal

Stripe and Pink

I was going through all of my pictures I had in my phone, came through these pics, one of  my fav outfit. I think because of the pic quality i did not upload it. But since i love this look so much ;) i decided to ignore the grainy quality and upload it anyways. :)

                                                             Grey top/ Pant: H&M
                                                             Blazer: Macy's
                                                             Loafers: Bakers

Thursday, May 2, 2013

late post

These pictures were taken probably a month back. A very casual sunday outfit. Wearing men's tee with hit-top chucks but to give it a little twist and to make the look a little girly I tucked the men's tee in my girly skater skirt.

                                                          T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
                                                          Skirt: H&M
                                                          Hi-top Converse

Rocker Chic

I have had this crop fringed tank top from last year. I like wearing it with shorts and denim and I have even paired it with my long maxi skirt. No matter what you pair this top with it instantly gives a whole different look to your outfit. Perfect for summer since its very light and loose. This I would call a very keeping it simple, minimalist look. Another outfit that does not require a lot of thinking. Its super nice outside and since I have working really hard at the gym lately I thought I deserve a froyo, went to get froyo in this rocker chic outfit ;) ;) hope you all are having a good day.

                                                                        <3 <3

                                                           Crop Top, belt : H&M
                                                            Jean : Levis
                                                           Animal print Oxfords: Pac sun