Tuesday, February 14, 2012

keeping it simple :)

I've had this blazer for two  years now and i cant believe how versatile this blazer is. It could probably be because of the color combination black and grey! I wear it with almost everything, be it a dress pant, denim, shorts, skirt or a mini cocktail dress. I snagged this blazer at H&M for a pretty decent price and it still looks the same as it was when i bought it. :) The white tank top I am wearing is from H&M too. Blue wedge heels from Charlotte Russee. I am amazed by the quality. Since I bought it in pretty reasonable price I was not expecting it to be that comfy. But to my surprise it turned out to be pretty comfy.
This is one of my out and about look. Like shopping or catching up with your besties for dinner. One of the simple yet chic look that you can wear almost anywhere.

<3 <3 

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