Friday, December 7, 2012

Staple Outerwears

 I decided to do something new with the blog. Every week three times I will be updating the staple items one should own in the closet and the trends that are in for the season. This particular post has the jackets/outerwears i dig.
 This topshop Camo jacket is one of the very popular outerwear this season. Pair it up with  cutoffs / skinny denims, white tank top, baseball cap and a sneaker for a very casual and relaxing sunday outing.  Or if you prefer you can wear it with booties and skinny for a chic look.

 Black Boyfriend blazer from H&M. this is one staple item you gotta have. Wear it for to 9-5 work, turn it to an evening cocktail outerwear, pair it with skinny jeans and high heels, wear it with a dress, shorts and what not. This is one item you are not going to regret for spending money on.

First time I laid my eyes on this  Zara animal print Coat, my jaw dropped. My mind was full of the ideas to put this coat into work.  Pair it  up with a little black dress and high Heels and see how chic your simple little black dress would look. 

 Trench coat another staple item a woman should own. From 9-5 job site to an exciting outing with your friends. You can best use it in springs and fall but it's okay to be worn in summer evenings too.

One of my favorite jacket in my closet, which i keep on repeating with every outfits. Talk about comfort and the look at the same time. I bought mine at H&M , which I found in a pretty good price. I never get tired of this jacket, pair it up with everything possible skinnies, mini skirts,body con dresses, frocks, heels, desert boots and the list goes on. QUILT is in this season the jacket above has a quilted shoulder. most of the outerwears these days come with quilted design.

I cant tell you how much i love love the tweed jacket. the feminity it brings with a simple jeans and a dress is awe~~mazing. Add a tweed over a simple denim and a white blouse and taada you are ready to paint the town red. :)

Traditional Winter Coat everyone owns. Be it in black or red or gray or tan. 

Gotta love these Zara tan winter coats. The last one is definitely the one I would love to invest my money on. The not so  ordinary design  is what got me. Simple look with not too many buttons and also not as traditional as all woman winter coats look like with belt to emphasize your waist. The loose fit is what got me. 

Dont you love those  Zara quilted leather sleeves? The combination of a woolen with a quilted leather. Like I mentioned above Quilt is in everything this season, this winter coat looks extremely warm and fuzzy. Think of a holiday outfit, meeting up with family and you need a coat that is not ordinary def go for this piece right here. I can already think of using it in so many ways.

Happy Holidays peeps, so shop away the outwears you love the most and create your own style with it. There is no boundaries or rules when it comes to fashion as long as it soothes your eyes.

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