Sunday, February 5, 2012

do you love freindship bracelet?

Lately I have been very obsessed with accessories, specially bracelets. Just a pinch of  color candies in your arm can make a big difference to the outfit you are wearing. "Friendship bracelets" has always been in fashion. Wearing the chunk of colorful friendship bracelets with your watch is really in fashion these days. So, I decided to make some by myself. I got all the required items from the arts and crafts store. multicolored cords and the beads. It is a really easy process. If any of you want to see how to make it I can actually make a video of it. 
So, finally I decided to go with green colored pearls and stones for my brown collar. I bought it at the arts and crafts store too. It was very easy, since there is  hook in the back of the pearls i didnt have to glue it. So, my whole week went by exploring my new born skills  :P and ended with a fun filled weekend with the loved ones. Hope you all had a great weekend. :)

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