Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bargain Shopping

just a quick post of the outfit I wore out shopping. I have to tell you that I have fell in love with the oxford I am wearing, its by Cole Haan and I was blown away by the price tag on this beauty. It was $39.99 at TJ Max. The reg price on Cole Haan Oxford is over $100 so this is one hell of a deal. Its not just the shoes I am wearing here the shorts and the ti-shirt is  also a super SCORE . You wont believe how much I paid for them on Memorial day sale at JC Penny. Trust me when i say it cost me less than 5 bucks haahaha, now isnt that the sweetest deal ever?  I love how TJ Max has so many cute and trendy designer stuffs all in pretty reasonable price. :)

I believe in bargain shopping and i really dont think that you need to be broke to be a fashionista. You can still look chic and fab with bargain deals if you know how to mix and match :)

                                                                  Shoes: Cole Haan via TJ Max
                                                                  Blazer/scarf: H&M
                                                                  Tee/ Shorts: JC Penny
                                                                   Cross Body Bag: Pac sun   


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