Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peplum Fever

Peplum might be so 2012 but i am still digging it. I love the way it makes your waist appear tiny ~er. You can pair it up with anything like fitted pencil skirt, mini skirt, skinny jeans. My love for blazer keeps growing everyday. this particular one i didnt even bother trying and the fact that i found out sitting on a sale rack waiting for me to pick it up hmmm SCORE.  The black lapels on this navy blue fitted blazer gives this blazer a diff look.
Hey you all must be wondering why I am wearing these high heels when u can clearly see snow under my heels. But hey a girl's gotta do what she gotta do lol. when it comes to heels no compromise, but gotta admit tho the last few days temp went down really low i had to run back and crawl into my warm fuzzy winter boots after taking this pic. :)

                                                    Blazer: Forever21
                                                    Peplum Top: Delias
                                                    Jeans: Levis
                                                    Shoes: Urban OG
                                                    Clutch: Urban Outfitters


  1. luved goin thru ur blog
    how abt we follow each other ??
    do let me know

  2. hi colour3d-vogu3. Thank you so much :) I am finally updating after a long time. Abt to go through ur blog too. :) and of course going to follow ur blog always following nepali fellow bloggers. :) have a good day .