Friday, January 11, 2013

black and white and Beanie

This week has been good so far, not too freezing cold outside to be wearing thick knitwear or a long winter coat.

Beanie, pant and faux leather jacket I am wearing here is from H&M. Shirt is random bought it at Marshall, the high low/ mullet design got me. Since its white color I have been abusing this shirt ever since i bought it. It goes well with everything and absolutely a very big fan of high low design. Shoes is  by Guess. Armcandies are from Nepal and F21.

This look is one of my fav look. Even though I am wearing high heels and button down shirt, the biker faux leather jacket and beanie gives a little edgy look, this look can go from day to night ( of course without a beanie during night time)

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