Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pink and Black.

Studded denim vest I am wearing in this post is one I did DIY on. love how versatile it is and gets along with almost all the outfits in my closet. :)

Good Photographer + colored outfits = Happy me

My regular armswags with a few addition from my trip to Nepal and also from NY and Co.
 The pink shirt i am wearing here is a high low design. a lil long in the back. needless to say so very cute, bright and perfect for summer. Shorts from pac sun. Its high waist and has a very good fit. I never have hard time finding my size there :)

 Animal print Oxfords from Pacsun as well and the necklace I am rocking is from NY and Co. Pictures taken before we left to see fireworks.

Hope you all had  a happy and safe holiday. A lil late but happy 4th to everyone.

<3 <3

Sojo K-tow Photography :)

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