Sunday, March 11, 2012

floral power

 I was a little tricked by the bright sun outside yesterday. I left home with this pretty floral High Low skirt and my nude lacey top but it was so windy outside and pretty freezing for a nice bright sunny day. So I took some pictures and went back in and covered my bare legs with boots and denim. But hey no worries, this whole week's weather forecast is awesome. It brought big bright smile on my face.Bright and sunny out equals to pretty and less clothes ;)
My recent fave. High Low skirt/Fishtail skirt  and the lacey top I am wearing both were purchased at H&M. Bootie is from Target. Regular armcandies (without which I rarely leave the house). I have fallen in love with this high low cut. It amazingly gives you a very pretty and romantic look and the flower prints on it takes it to the another level. I am looking forward to spend this bright and sunny week with more colors on my outfits and more blog posts. 

<3 <3 <3

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  1. loved ya dress girl ....... ya blog too !!
    following you n hope you follow me back too ...